Deconstruction is the selective disassembly of buildings and structures so materials can be recovered, repurposed, recycled, reused. It provides an environmentally sustainable solution to the construction sector.


Upcycling Building Waste

Construction in the housing and infrastructure sectors is continuing to grow rapidly in New Zealand. Often, before construction can begin, existing structures must be demolished and most of these materials end up in our landfills.

TROW Group, a proudly Pasifika-owned and Pasifika-led company, offers a sustainable alternative. Instead of demolishing buildings and structures, TROW Group deconstructs them and upcycles more than 90% of all salvaged materials.

Increasingly, the construction sector is under pressure to support the Government’s environmental targets, and local council initiatives such as Auckland Council’s ‘Zero Waste by 2040’ programme. TROW Group is your expert deconstruction partner and can help you achieve your commercial objectives while reducing your impact on the environment for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

TROW Group’s expertise includes:

  • commercial, industrial and residential deconstruction of single and multi-level sites
  • certified asbestos consultancy including testing, monitoring and removal
  • partial or full demolition
  • internal deconstruction or demolition.



    TROW Group's

    deconstruction methods and processes see the upcycle of more than 90% of all salvaged materials.

    deconstruction case story$

    In the wake of Covid-19, TROW Group redeveloped a Kāinga Ora space in Avondale into a vibrant pop up market.

    How do our Deconstruction methods involve the community?

    We always strive to, one way or another involve our community in the deconstruction journey of our projects. Whether it’s sharing those stories for them on our social media, donating a percentage of our materials to aid local community projects and even holding a Maketi (Market) for the community to come and farewell the building (If it’s a significant one)

    . The structure and projects we often hold Maketi’s for are usually buildings that hold significance to that specific area – Church and Community halls etc.

    Take a look at examples of our most recent Marketi’s (Market’s) here:

    The heart Of 828

    One of our biggest projects in Avondale has finally come to an end. What an experience it was being able to work within the heart of Avondale – surrounded by the racecourses that hold markets every Sunday, and a beautiful vibrant city center filled with a collective of the best in the west Pacific Island cuisines.  Read More Here …

    P.O.P Up Maketi 834

    What an outcome we had thanks to the Te Atatū Community who came out to farewell the iconic, the great, and the pillar of the community – The Te Atatū Tavern! We had the enjoyment of watching our beautiful tamariki immerse themselves in all the festivities the Maketi had to offer – from having fun in our colourful bouncy castle… Here …



    “When you construct a building you go from the bottom up, we deconstruct it from the top down.”

    Waterford Press


    “They are currently disengaged from education and employment and that’s where we come in,”



    “We’re excited that we’ve only just been around five years, but we’re leading the charge, so to speak.”