We work to create a more sustainable construction sector. We repurpose over 90% of the materials we salvage, to improve social outcomes and enable community projects locally and in the Pacific Islands.



TROW Group is one of New Zealand’s largest deconstruction contractors, and is a leading specialist in recycling construction waste, civil contracting and machinery hire.

From humble beginnings in a tin shed, founder Saia Latu and business partner Joe Vagana have built TROW into a deconstruction industry leader that has a focus on social outcomes. TROW undertakes projects for organisations such as Auckland Council, Panuku, Kāinga Ora, City Rail, Auckland Transport, Piratahi, and Ministry of Education.

The construction industry is renowned for producing waste, we find innovative and sustainable ways to repurpose hundreds of tonnes of building materials by salvaging and diverting waste destined for landfill. This salvaged materials is then recycled and reused for schools, housing, churches and communities across New Zealand and the Pacific.

There is a great deal of desire among marae, schools, churches and other community groups for the types of material that the construction and demolition industry throw away every day.

TROW Group has provided over 1,000 tonnes of fixtures, fittings and furniture to community organisations in New Zealand that would have otherwise gone to landfill, and also exports good quality used furniture to schools and churches in the Pacific.

TROW Group hiring policy encourages more inclusive employment and provides career opportunities for people who could be lost in the system. It has trained, improved literacy skills and provided employment for over 1,000 people, creating job pathways for young Pasifika and Māori building self-confidence, tool skills and knowledge through training and employment. TROW also provides ongoing support and training in construction site health and safety.


Mission Statement


Our key focus is to provide high quality, high value, and sustainable infrastructure delivery services using our most valued resources, our people. To do this, our delivery will be distinct. We will develop and invest in our people to help them become focused, skilled, passionate, and capable to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations as well as protecting our environment and giving back by recycling/reusing materials
where possible.


Vision Statement


TROW aims to be a leading civil infrastructure delivery provider that is competitively able to deliver full project life cycle services which include recycle and reuse of materials that would normally end up in our land fill, using best industry practice for small to large-scale New Zealand infrastructure projects and ultimately to
give back to our people.


Our Purpose


Our aim is to support our people both directly and indirectly. This is by delivering economic and sustainable return directly back to TROW Group, as well through the improvement of employment opportunities, economic wealth and social development of our people and our wider community and recently out to Tonga and soon to be the rest of the pacific community.


Our Focus


Our focus is to grow our business using our unique values and resources to be able to compete directly through investment in training, innovation, technology, continuous improvement, and partnerships with industry experts who share in, and want to deliver to our vision for success.


Our Values


Supporting our people
We are dedicated to opening and providing pathways into employment, through the infrastructure industry, for those of our people who want to learn but have not had the opportunity, guidance, or support to do so. We do so with a strong sense of pride for our people and to see them achieve great things.

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