Kāinga Ora (Highbury)


Kāinga Ora is a world-class public housing landlord which partners with the development community, Maori, local and central government, and others, for urban development projects of all sizes.

TROW Group was contracted by Kāinga Ora for the removal of housing at a site in Avondale, known as Highbury Triangle, where 236 new homes would soon be built.

The existing homes were removed through a process of deconstruction – a form of demolition which aims to salvage, reuse and recycle as many building materials as possible. Kāinga Ora has a policy to divert at least 80 percent of building materials from landfill during the demolition and deconstruction of old homes in Auckland. These targets are poised to be introduced in other regions too.

The project in Highbury was running to a tight deadline and in wet weather conditions. TROW Group has strong health and safety procedures in place to help overcome these challenges, and over a 12-week period the homes were successfully deconstructed and materials salvaged and redistributed to the community.

One of the ways TROW Group created further value for the community was by establishing a pop-up market on the vacant land, where locals could sell their wares at no cost (see Pop Up Maketi Case Study).

In addition, we provided a ‘maker space’ at the market, where building materials which would otherwise go to landfill were remodelled into furniture or planter boxes.

TROW Group also created employment opportunities for three local youth who were hired for the project; two who were school leavers and one through the New Zealand Police’s Youth Wellbeing Project.

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