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Four week at risk youth program.

We are TROW


TROW Group is one of the largest commercial deconstruction companies in New Zealand and is the industry expert in delivering full project, lifecycle services, salvaging hundreds of tonnes of construction materials every year.

We work to create a more sustainable construction sector and repurpose over 90% of the materials we salvage, to improve social outcomes and enable community projects locally and in the Pacific Islands.


Our greatest strength is our people. As experts in deconstruction, development and civil infrastructure, TROW Group invests heavily in training, innovation and technology to ensure our people are continuously improving and striving to exceed the best industry standards.


TROW Group believes there is huge value in supporting a circular economy and has repurposed thousands of tonnes of materials including over 500 tonnes from five major Auckland Council projects, trained, improved literacy skills and provided employment for over 1,000 people including the 50 jobs created for local youth, and provided valuable materials to community projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

    House deconstruction

    TROW Group has proudly attained the following certifications:


    • Eco Choice Label
    • Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001
    • Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14001
    • Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems: ISO 45001
    • IMPAC: Prequal Contractor Health & Safety
    • SiteWise Green Certification 2023/2024
    • Totika accredited
    • Living Wage Employer

    Active now:

    Muriwai 2024


    “rediscovering and regenerating that life, energy and peace of mind into a place that once was everyone’s escape from reality.”

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    TROW'S Official Muriwai page

    Keep up to date with the history of the are as well as what is happening on our active sites in Muriwai from recent progress reports, Traffic Management updates in area, photos and other relevant notices.

    recently :

    Watch our journey

    The key is working with the willing! The change needs to come not only from the “TOP” it needs to start from the ground up and education about the importance of “WHY” is the key to making this transformation happen. This awesome video hopefully will explain the rest. As the Tongan proverb wisely states ‘koe tapuaki ‘oe ngaue lelei, koe toe lahi ange ‘ae ngaue lelei ‘ The blessing of good work is the abundance and ability to accomplish more great work.

    This year Trow was fortunate enough to be named finalists for Excellence in Innovation at the 2Degree Business Awards 2023. In this video, we see our Operations maven Lili Ta’ufo’ou discuss who we are as a company, what motivates us to continue our efforts in creating sustainable solution and what drives us most as a company viewing the Circular Economy through a Pasifika lens. 


    P.O.P UP Maketi 828

    In the wake of Covid-19, Trow Group redeveloped a Kāinga Ora space in Avondale into a vibrant pop up market. For six weeks, ‘P.O.P Up Maketi 828’ connected, celebrated and promoted Pasifika and Māori businesses while encouraging sustainability and entrepreneurship. TROW Group built the market’s infrastructure and invited people to showcase their businesses and sell goods or services for free – there was no stallholder fee…


    Open Classroom - One Week Work Expereince

    It is always an extra special end of the week when something amazing happens in it, and this week that moment is brought to us by our Open Classroom, a student in particular. in 2022 we saw one of our students move on to the next step of the program. Moving forward to the next step requires the student to pass the criteria set by our Open Classroom facilitators with enthusiasm…

    Site Stories - Harry Motufoua

    Our awesome Site Assessor Greg Ah-Colt has been working hard on sites this week when he came across a homeowner of one of our projects in Glen Innes; Harry Motufoua, a proud Samoan man who has lived in this home for over 40 years, dating back to 1980. During those 40 years, he attended school locally near his home – including Tāmaki Primary, Intermediate, and High School. This very home has captured…


    Trow Group Tonga – Diverting Waste

    The division in Tonga has a vision for its products – to design waste out for the community by the community – so our people have the opportunity to experience handmade furniture that reflects quality and precision – all made with pre-loved material provided from here in Aotearoa. Their methodology consists of taking preserved materials from our commercial projects here.




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    NZI sustainable Business awards 2017 FINALIST

    2022 Kiwibank New Zealander Of The Year Awards

    Innovator of the Year – Saia Latu (Finalist/Runner up 2022)

    CEO of TROW group Saia Latu was up for New Zealand Innovator of the Year. His nomination derived from his courage to take risks, and find those solutions which include: Repurposing thousands of tonnes of materials to help build schools, social housing, community centres, and churches across New Zealand and the Pacific.

    Innovator of the Year category sponsor: TradeMe

    New Zealander of the year awards

    2022 PROCORE Awards

    Excellence in Community Contribution – Trow Group (finalists 2022)

    Procore is an American construction management software. Our relationship with them is an integral one, as their technology helps us to communicate and manage information from each of our projects happening in Tamaki Makaurau. We were successful as finalists due to the positive outcome we had in the community while using them. This was definitely a very special award as it was the first in Trow Group history that we applied for an international award (outside Aotearoa and The Pacific).

    The 2023 Ground Breaker Awards Powered by Procore

    2021 – 2022 Westpac:

    Auckland Business Awards (North/West)

    – Excellence in Community Contribution (WINNERS 2022)
    – Excellence in Community Contribution (Finalist 2021)
    – Excellence in Innovation (Finalist 2021)

    These 3 awards whether we won or were a finalist, are a massive achievement for our company and an even bigger reward for our Maori and Pasifika people! We thank all our divisions at Trow Group for going above and beyond to ensure the people of our communities are nurtured and protected. We are so excited to share this victory with our people and continue to pave the way through building the future, and restoring the past!

    Westpac Auckland Business Awards

    Pacific Business Trust

    Pacific Entrepreneur
    Award Winner
    Saia Latu, TROW

    Saia’s vision to help the community through providing opportunities and support to people who wouldn’t normally have them was recognised at the Pacific Business Trust Business Awards in 2020. This includes assisting struggling businesses and helping them get them back on track with mentoring and support as well as giving back to communities where possible with time and recycled and upcycled materials.

    Pacific Business Trust Business Awards November 2020 category sponsored by Ministry for Pacific People.

    NZT NZ Tonga Business Council

    2022 Social Impactor award (Highly Commended)

    2019 NZI Sustainable Business Network Award: Partnering for Good

    The Sustainable Business Awards recognise and celebrate success in sustainability.
    TROW Group won the ‘Partnering for Good’ award sponsored by Ministry for Primary Industries. Finalist for Supreme Award: NZI Transforming New Zealand Award.

    We were up for the ‘Social Impactor Award’ which shines a light on organisations that are “deliberately and consistently improving people’s lives through its day-to-day business practices.”

    NZT NZ Tonga Business Council

    Pacific Business Trust

    Pacific Enterprise Award Winner

    Awarded to TROW for demonstrating innovation, strategic thinking and a track record of sustainable growth. Understanding and participating in the modern economy requires business acumen whilst creating real opportunities and jobs for our Pacific people.

    Pacific Business Trust Business Awards 2018 category sponsored by SunPix.


    Tongan Business

    Award Finalist

    TROW Group was recognised for its commitment to business between NZ and Tonga at the NZ Tongan Council Business Awards in November 2017.
    NZT NZ Tonga Business Council

    NZI Sustainable

    Award Finalist

    TROW Group were finalists for three awards at the Sustainable Business Awards, these were:

    1. Going Circular
    2. Partnering for Good
    3. Hard wired for Social Good.
    NZI sustainable Business awards 2017 FINALIST