The heart of 828


One of our biggest projects in Avondale has finally come to an end. What an experience it was being able to work within the heart of Avondale – surrounded by the racecourses that hold markets every Sunday, and a beautiful vibrant city center filled with a collective of the best in the west Pacific Island cuisines. A prime location that we at TROW Group got to leave our mark on and contribute to adding further value through the development process.

Though the area of land before we deconstructed was in itself surrounded by an aura of nostalgia – what was taken place in honor of the Whenua prior to the process of taking down the buildings was a historical moment/event in TROW Group history. This opportunity to deconstruct the project passed down by Kainga Ora sparked our idea to hold a market event – “P.O.P UP Marketi (P.O.P: people over profit). This event was to provide a platform for local businesses to sell their goods as a relief scheme regarding Covid – 19. It definitely was our very own symbol of remembrance and the coming together, the laughter, and memories of the event will forever be embedded into the land, thanks to the kaupapa by TROW Group.

Thank you to all the hard-working staff on and off-site for dedicating your time and efforts to this project and for gifting this piece of land back to the Avondale community.