Westpac Awards


We know it’s been a while since these awards took place, however, this was a special one for us, therefore we needed time to soak it all in until we could officially thank everyone and share it with the world properly!

Last month Trow Group was up for ‘Excellence in Community’ at the Westpac Awards 2022! The Westpac Awards have always been a goal for us to take out, and now after 3 years of being a finalist and being unsuccessful in reaching the winning title – We knew 2022 wouldn’t disappoint. With saying that, We have finally been awarded the overall winner in ‘Excellence In Community Contribution’.

This is a massive achievement for our company and an even bigger reward for our Maori and Pasifika people! We thank all our divisions at Trow Group, this is a representation of the 6 years each person at Trow Group has done for our communities in Schools, Marae, Families, Open Classrooms, Pacific Businesses, Pasifika communities, and the Pacific Islands!
We wanted to dedicate this award to all of our divisions going above and beyond to ensure the people of our communities are nurtured and protected.

To our Open Classroom – For providing a safe space for our rangatahi to trust you, and count on you to be there at their every turn during their journey of employment. Being able to lay down a stable curriculum for our Māori and Pasifika youth who are vulnerable to the system, with groundedness and a sense of being relatable – is something our mentors HAVE and ARE doing exceptionally! For that, we will be forever grateful for your mahi!

To our on-site team – It may seem like an everyday job, showing up with an agenda to deconstruct a different project every day, week, or month, but within a wider perceptive – you have played a major role in this community award. You have changed people’s lives. You are doing the long hours and labor that is contributing to aiding thousands of families here in Aotearoa and across the pacific! While you continue to pave the way for our rangatahi and set valuable examples – we deeply thank YOU for your contribution to this award!

To our communications team – There are many companies in Aotearoa doing these amazing things, however, there is a low percentage of those stories being told. We want to thank our communications for their hard work in portraying these stories and sharing them in their own authentic light to communicate our visions and values as a Pasifika-owned and operated company.

And lastly a HUGH thank you to Saia Latu, Julie Latu, and Joe Vagana for their consistency in valuing the importance of Giving Back. They have pushed forward tirelessly to lead the way for change by finding ways to weave environmental issues with social ones to create a cycle that benefits all parties. This celebration is a pure reflection of you three, so thank you – you deserved this!

Everything we do and everything we stand for is for the benefit of our people, offering a hand up not a handout, putting our people first, and giving them chances they otherwise wouldn’t typically have. We are so excited to share this victory with our people and continue to pave the way through building the future, and restoring the past!

Malo ngaue moe lotu.