Trow Group Tonga – Diverting Waste


Just a little update from our division in Tonga who are continuing to thrive! With multiple picnic tables, bar learners, bar stools, birdhouses, gardening pots for walls, kids tables & chairs and SO MUCH MORE being created across the pacific – we are unbelievably proud from here in little old NZ!

The division in Tonga has a vision for its products – to design waste out for the community by the community – so our people have the opportunity to experience handmade furniture that reflects quality and precision – all made with pre-loved material provided from here in Aotearoa. Their methodology consists of taking preserved materials from our commercial projects here. The materials we send are regularly taken over in containers directly to Nukunuku Tongatapu and are daily being used by them to fill other containers with the products they have made from the materials we sent them. A massive full-cycle moment!

Be sure to keep up to date with “Tonga Auction House” on your socials to see the amazing work our awesome workers and distribution centers are doing – so you could potentially purchase something of your own, especially with all the barbecues and family gatherings coming up in the summer VERY SOON!

“Building the Future, Restoring the Past”