Tāmaki College – Job Exhibition Day


Last week we celebrated and attended the “Launch of all launches event” held on behalf of Tāmaki College to enlighten learners and parents on their respective programs and initiatives – And that included our Open Classroom program/our partnership with them.

This event was a good way for our communities to see what we do as a program that supports at-risk youth and the lengths we do to ensure that post-Open Classroom, they have chosen the path of employment or education. This was also an awesome opportunity for our wider youth to engage in what programs are out there and if they know anyone who might gain more from an alternative way of learning like Open Classroom.

It’s important we encourage our youth to attend events like these to show that there are options out there. One’s way of learning may be completely different to another – and that’s okay. What’s important is finding and validating medians that connect our unengaged youth with WANTING to learn in a fun, transparent, and safe way.

“Building the Future, Restoring the Past”