Prosperity through regenerative economy’ panel at Auckland’s Future, Now

As we continue to lead within the deconstruction industry, dominate our goals, and strive towards imprinting our mark across the globe – we are proud to have represented TROW Group on the ‘Prosperity through regenerative economy’ panel at Auckland’s Future, Now. A conversation that derived from how we use our cultural identity to create thought-provoking discussions about the continuum of a circular economy in Aotearoa.

When we entered this world alongside other change-makers across Tamaki, we started to realize just how full circle we’ve come here at TROW Group. From being perceived as crazy for undertaking the idea of recycling/upcycling reusable materials from deconstructed houses, to our idea now being so far beyond just deconstruction. It’s about our impact, we are telling our stories, healing our trauma, and creating opportunities and pathways for our next generation of Pacific and Maori youth change-makers to grow into and flourish even further. We are building that path for the future, but before we do that – we are restoring our past.

Being given this platform to present our pacific-infused ideology is one thing, but being able to follow Tania Pouwhare, Trina Tamati, and Hinurewa te Hau is another. They spoke beautiful truth in projecting how we as Tamaki need to be reweaving the social fabric as the gaps between Maori/Pacific and non-Maori/Pacific are widening – as well as many other statements everyone needed to hear. We are so proud that these strong Wāhine Toa set the tone and created that safe space before TROW Group’s CEO Saia Latu took the stage alongside Abbie Reynolds, Mair Brooks, and Dr. Parin Rafiei.

“Building the future, restoring the past”