Piritahi Deconstruction


Piritahi is an alliance of companies formed to speed up the supply of build-ready land. The alliance is delivering a $750m programme of work over a five-year period, and contracts TROW Group to support their work on Kāinga Ora’s large-scale developments in Auckland.

Our work has involved the preparation of land remediation and development, the deconstruction of public housing no longer considered fit for purpose, and supporting the delivery of new construction programmes through earthworks and infrastructure.

Some 7,000 homes will need deconstructing or relocating in Auckland alone and Piritahi, with the support of TROW, is steadily shifting the balance away from demolition and toward either deconstructing homes or relocating them.

Piritahi has also made big efficiency gains in the processing of land that has been impacted by human use. Building practices and materials used during the early to mid-part of the 20th century means many of the old state housing sites have some level of contamination in the soil, like lead or asbestos.

TROW Group’s onsite team has the highest regard for Health and Safety and follows strict protocols when working with these types of materials to mitigate risk.

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