Open Classroom – One Week Work Experience


It is always an extra special end of the week when something amazing happens in it, and this week that moment is brought to us by our Open Classroom, a student in particular. 

This week we saw one of our students move on to the next step of the program. Moving forward to the next step requires the student to pass the criteria set by our Open Classroom facilitators with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, in which he had excelled. This means he has been given a very well-deserved opportunity of two weeks paid work experience with Trow Group to showcase to our team the skills he has gained through Open Classroom. 

When the question “What made him want to change” was asked by his mentors, he responded that he knows and understands that he’s only getting older and that if he keeps doing what he’s doing he will find himself back in jail. What Trow Group offers is an exciting alternative way of learning, a process that strays away from your traditional ways of learning to cater to our youth who absorb more information quickly and efficiently when it’s hands-on. He appreciates this and defines our approach as a fun way to learn because we are open and honest with him, specifically about how certain consequences affect not just him but everyone around him – so therefore he’s giving this a real go. 

From our senior management to our on-site team to your beautiful Open Classroom mentors, we are beyond excited to see you around our sites and watch you pave the way for others to take control of their future. 

“Building the Future, Restoring the Past”
If you want to learn more about Open Classroom started visit our article here at:…/repurposing…/


Building the Future, Restoring the Past