October/November 2022 Deconstruction Stats


Celebrating and acknowledging impact when it’s due, is key to positive self-reflection. Take a look at the percentages related to materials saved from only FOUR of our projects during the months of October and November 2022.

We are so appreciative of our on-site team ranging from all over Tāmaki Makaurau to Waikato, for their constant efforts in striving to meet waste diversion goals! These four projects are just a fraction of the materials repurposed this year, however, it is a good indication for us – knowing that we are on track for continuing to meet these goals. We are fortunate to have these numbers for our community to understand the changes, while also being able to visually see what we are doing and reusing for the benefit of the environment.

If this only measures the materials for FOUR of our projects as opposed to the hundreds we complete, every year. We’ll let you do the math!