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Ellerslie Main Highway Connection – Stage Two Pier Support Struction


The scope of work for this project involved building a new pier structure and the removal of two-existing columns. NZTA needed a new pier structure to allow for the extension of the Northbound Greenlane off-ramp. 

The deconstruction site was next to a school and a park so the work had to be undertaken during reduced working hours, and with increased Health and Safety enforcement measures in place.

Some of the highlights including the community selling some of the salvaged materials and chattels as part of a fundraiser, and watching an eager community finally take possession of a brand new facility after 30 years of hard work.


Located on Main Highway over State Highway 1 Auckland. 

  • Working at height level next to 25KV Rail overhead cable. 
  • Timing of work including material delivery while Rail was still on service and traffic on State Highway 1. 
  • Load transferring from the old column into the new pier structure while SH1 traffic and Main Highway Traffic was still live.


  • The site supervisor and Engineer worked alongside JV-Rail Project Manager to implement construction methodologies to minimise disruption to SH1 and Rail commuters. 
  • Worked to achieve client program milestones and budget. 

Start: November 2013

Finish: August 2014