‘Building Momentum Webinar’ held by Kainga Ora


Last week our CEO Saia Latu was asked to present the beautiful Mahi of Trow Group at the ‘Building Momentum Webinar’ held by Kainga Ora. A conversation highlighting all things deconstruction, from policies and targets to Landfill Diversions to waste Hierarchy.

We had the awesome Rachel Trinder the Manager in Waste Minimisation and Site Clearance at Kainga Ora – open the floor with NUMBERS, we love numbers (only when they are good!!) Targets are slowly but surely being met as we have now seen as a deconstruction sector as a whole – 180,801.62 tonnes (86.66%) of waste had been diverted from landfills.

We then had Grant Hawthorne the Project manager in waste management at Kainga Ora and Anne Pezaro on behalf of The Ministry of the Environment. Communicating in general that A. We ARE getting it right and B. Clearly focusing on making change and creating impact. There is massive importance in collaboration said Anne, especially with Kāinga Ora and others in the construction and deconstruction sector. These targets and goals are bold however, with the power of collaboration, in addition, to listening, communicating, and acting on obstacles as a whole, we can start smashing these barriers soon than we think.

We then had Saia Latu our CEO at Trow communicate our case studies including completed sites, challenges, and how we have taken deconstruction as an idea and developed it into a vision to show it can work and can create impact. His approach came across as very grounded and knowledgable through Trow Group’s successful outcomes, however with the mindset that there is still work to be done. More importantly – working with the willing, knocking on doors, and finding the right people is what it comes down to at the end of the day.

Though there are always new codes and restrictions being placed in this industry of deconstruction every day, the work we have done is speaking volumes itself. Overall, what we are doing is sustainable and vital for the future of our people and our communities, this at the end of the day will conquer all.
Special mentions to Verney Ryan and Natalie Penney for your involvement in organising this beautiful and thought-provoking webinar. We are sincerely looking forward to checking in again soon.

Building the Future, Restoring the Past

For more info on Site Clearance and minimising waste, be sure to check out the Kainga Ora mahi here at:…/sustaina…/site-clearance/….