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Auckland Transport Platform Upgrade


TROW Group has completed work on 7 platform stations, requiring extensions and upgrades to introduce new electrification system and longer electric passenger trains. Scope of work in the Auckland transport Platform upgrade include: breaking out existing platform, excavation, concrete foundations, stone strong block platform face laying, service relocation, hard fill, canopy and structure foundations, asphalt, marking and furniture install.

Our main challenge was working under tight time frames on live rail and road conditions, with a combination of works needing to be done at night and over public holidays, with work completion satisfying a collective of stakeholders.


1. Avondale Station

2. Fruitvale Station

3. Middlemore Station

4. Morningside Station

5. Ranui Station

6. Sturges Road Station

7. Sylvia Park Station

  • Live rail and road (level crossing installs) Live rail and road (level crossing installs).
  • Multiple stakeholder interface to manage (KiwiRail, AT and Auckland Council). 
  • Saturation of in situ material and undercutting required in fixed time frames.
  • Live pedestrian access with 24 working to open stations next day.
  • Insisted on detailed site and insitu material testing to force design change in advance. 
  • Detailed service investigation and change in design, bespoke to each stations requirements. 
  • Changed contract program to suit stakeholders and work over public holidays.

Start: September 2013

Finish: July 2014