Auckland System Management (ASM) – Vegetation Control


TROW Group undertake roadside vegetation control and maintenance work for the Auckland System Management (ASM). ASM operates and maintains of Auckland’s extensive motorway network including the tunnels, bridges, streetlights, drains, and other assets that make up the network. This covers all motorways and state highways within Auckland totalling 456 kilometres and approximately 420 kilometres of stormwater pipes.

Vegetation control ground work includes mowing, removal of weeds and scrub, silt and rubbish, spray control, and addressing flooded areas. This can be at sites such as highway and motorway verges, channels and side drains, embankments, slopes, unsealed shoulders, traffic islands, medians, rest areas, landscaped areas and any other specified area.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team undertake remedial work required to control and maintain vegetation at specified sites and adhere to strict Traffic Control and Safety.

Working alongside motorways, this involves the removal of vegetation such as overgrown with grass, weeds, scrub and trees around culverts and channels. Often silt has also built up in the channels and erosion has taken place, using diggers and workmen, channels and culverts are cleaned and returned to working standard.