Trow have been working with the council and other NZ businesses to clear out office buildings and construction sites where often furniture, equipment and materials requires dismantling, moving and storing, this would normally go to land fill but we are upcycling and recycling.

We are providing the furniture to churches and schools in Auckland what can be used will be given to homeless and communities in need, we are also shipping items to Tonga where we are helping communities, churches and schools. To be a sustainable business some of our items are sold to assist the funding and transport and the staff for distribution of these items. We have sent over 50 x 40 foot containers of mainly office furniture to Tonga this year and saved thousands of tonnes going into landfull and helped schools, churches and communities.

Above is an example of a teachers office in Tonga – before and after our container is shipped and we have setup a recycled office in style.

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