Safety is always one of the top priorities in the Civil engineering industry. Because we believe that our work ethic should be conducted following every regulation and requirement standards for the industry, so we grantee to provide you industry approved safety equipment to ensure all the workers and the surroundings are safe. Below is a list of all of our safety equipment.


Code                      Description

2201                       Bushmans Safety Helmet combo

2202                       Ear Muffs

2203                       Face Mask

2204                       Flashing Amber Light 12 Volt

2205                       Glasses

2206                       Hard Hat

2207                       Hi-Viz Vest

2208                       Road Barriers (Plastic water filled)

2209                       Temporary Fencing (2.7m Panel)

2210                       Road Plate 1.2m x 2.4m

2211                       Road plate 3m x 2m

2212                       Road Cones

2213                       Road Lamps

2214                       Road signs & Stands

2215                       Stop/Go Paddles