Power up with our selection of power generators. We our residential and industrial selection is of reliable and high quality. We carry various brands of generators and all sizes from portable generators to 2000 KVA industrious power generators. We offer daily, weekly and monthly pricing, take a look at the selection below.


Code      Description

1701        3.5 KVA Generator (portable)

1702        6 KVA Generator

1703        6 KVA Generator/Welder (portable)

1704        20 KVA Diesel Generator (Skid mount 32 Amp)

1705        30 KVA Deisel Generator (Skid mount 32 Amp)

1706        100 KVA Diesel Generator (Skid mount 64 Amp)

1707         3 Phase Junction Box

1708         3 Phase Leads

1709         Single Phase Leads 20m

1711          Flood Lights on Stands

1712          Lightning Tower

1713          LPG Torch